Why Multilingual Workplace Signs Matter in Manufacturing

The Northeastern Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance (NEWMA) recently published a WEDC report on work place safety during COVID-19. It recommends posting signs in languages employees speak to provide guidance on best practices.

While we’re always happy to see language mentioned, the benefits of multilingual signs deserve more prominence. They not only help mitigate the risk of COVID-19, but also improve work environments for employers and employees alike.

By posting signs in employees’ native language(s), manufacturers will:

  • Improve workplace safety. Stricter adherence to safety regulations lowers the number of workman’s comp cases and reduces medical and legal costs.
  • Increase production. Fewer employees need to take a leave of absence due to illness or injury, which helps ensure teams meet daily production quotas.
  • Reduce turnover. Employees who understand workplace instructions perform better, which lowers the cost of hiring and training.
  • Increase loyalty. Employees feel a greater sense of loyalty when you take the time to provide materials in their language.

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