Welcome to The Geo Group’s blog. With almost 15 years experience in the translation industry, we’ve mastered the role of connecting translation buyers and translation professionals all over the world. We demonstrate this on a daily basis by translating hundreds of projects in virtually every language. What nobody usually sees, except our Account Executives and Project Managers, is our role in balancing the different needs of our clients and our translators. Our staff works hard to develop the education, understanding, and communication necessary to deliver the impeccable quality required by the industry while maintaining a happy and qualified workforce of translators in our database. It’s time to share all of this. We would like this blog to be like a French café, an Italian piazza, a Spanish plaza central for all your translation needs. Ask a question, post a solution, write a comment, or simply read. Starting today you can come to us not only to translate a document, a video, or software, but also to ask, learn, and share. We’re here for you and you are welcome to join us.

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