Ever Been Unnerved by a Blog Article?

Some agencies love to write blog articles that are designed to make you question whether or not you are using the right agency. They tell you that they are “compliant” with some obscure export edict or European standard. Then they ask you “Is your agency compliant?”

This is an effort to make you question your choice of translation agency and, while a good marketing ploy, you have to question why that agency is using fear to generate more business. Shouldn’t they be providing you with information on improving your translations and/or helping you overcome the obstacles that come with getting the translations done in a timely manner?

Looking for the proper translation agency can take some homework. You need to interview the existing clients and find out:

  • How does the agency work with their clients’ very short timelines?
  • Are they flexible?
  • How do they handle issues that crop up during translation such as changes or English errors?
  • Are they only using native speakers of the target language that are subject matter experts?
  • Can you get a copy of your translation memory with every project? By US Copyright law it is considered a work made for hire and you do own it.
  • Does their invoice accurately reflect the proposal you received? If not, why was it changed?
  • Are they ISO certified or certified by another reliable source? (This is especially important if you are a medical equipment manufacturer.)

Once you have the answers to those questions, see how they mesh with your overall business philosophy. Do they match? If yes, it seems like a good match with the agency; if they don’t, move on to the next one. Have at least two options available if you have a large amount of text for translation.

After you have done your homework and selected the appropriate agency or agencies, you can ignore the “fear of loss” blog articles you see or receive from other agencies. It is your agency’s job to keep up with the appropriate standards. Knowing that you have hired a reputable agency can make all the difference.

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