Translators Without Borders

When international disasters happen, rescue workers often respond to provide victims with medical assistance, food, shelter…and language interpretation. In times of tragedy and devastation, sometimes the greatest need is merely the need to be understood.

Translators Without Borders, TWB, is a non-profit organization comprised of professional translators and interpreters who volunteer to be on-call to help with communication during disaster recovery.

In the United States, we are fortunate to have robust, highly-trained response teams ready to serve within our borders. When emergencies occur, they are working to break down language barriers as soon as possible. They are there to serve both victims and emergency responders, allowing for clear, effective communication.

Part of your company’s disaster recovery plan should include a list of qualified linguists for on-call situations. The list should contain the linguist’ native language, contact information, and back-up linguists for major disasters. Having this information may be critical in a life-or-death situation.

Select linguists who have a thorough understanding of medical and legal terms. In 2014, the Ebola outbreak presented a challenge of communicating medical terminology to halt the epidemic. Currently in the U.S., medical facilities are well-equipped to assist non-English speaking patients.

The Geo Group proudly recognizes Translators Without Borders – including 3,000 active volunteers communicating in 104 language pairs – as our official charity. We are proud of the generous, global-minded professionals and volunteers within the entire translation industry and community.

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