Top 10 Reasons to Donate to National Geographic’s Enduring Voices

Written by Tim Kaney of The Geo Group Corporation

  1. Provides financial support for expeditions whose goal is to locate indigenous cultures and their dying languages across the globe
  2. Enables a form of linguistic conservation and cultural/historical preservation
  3. Because so many indigenous peoples have expansive oral histories with no written counterparts, when one of these cultures disappears, so does its language, and, consequently, so does their accumulated knowledge
  4. Funds research and development of new technologies and systems to identify and preserve endangered languages
  5. Helps finance studying the process and science of the way humans communicate and how that communication has evolved
  6. Creates an opportunity to establish a kind of library of culture for future generations to explore and reflect upon
  7. Provides funds to ensure the proper staffing of qualified researchers and professionals to carry out such an endeavor
  8. Helps keep our world a rich, culturally diverse place
  9. Stems the loss of half, if not more, of the 7,000 languages on earth from disappearing by 2100
  10. Provides financial support to procure equipment, technology, facilities, and staff to educate the world about these Endangered Languages so that they might Endure

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