Tips for Packaging and Sending Files to be Translated – Part 2

Written by Tim Kaney of The Geo Group Corporation

This week is Part 2 in a two part blog series covering best practices for packing and sending projects to be translated. If you have export plans for your business, service, or product, you need to make sure you pack your suitcase properly. Following these essential tips can save you and your translation Account Executive both time and money. If you remember to send an email to your Account Executive with these following items, things will go smoothly.  This week we are covering Software and Interpreting projects.

Just a reminder – FOR ALL PROJECTS:

  1. Include Project(s) Name(s)
  2. Include Source Language(s)
  3. List of Languages for which you need translations (or language pairs)


  1. Include editable versions of all files needed, ideally monolingual
  2. Include all resources to open/display your files; i.e. Fonts, graphics, etc.
  3. Attach any relevant reference materials; i.e. PDFs or print documentation, compiled help files, urls of live web pages, screenshots of software in action, etc.


  1. Indicate what type of interpreting is needed; i.e. Consecutive, simultaneous, telephone, or escort
  2. Describe the subject matter of what will be discussed and remember to be very specific for legal or medical situations
  3. Indicate when and where; i.e. Location – address, city, state, country, date and time of event
  4. Include the duration of interpreting; i.e. Minutes, hours, days, etc.
  5. Indicate if there are any gender preferences for the interpreter being provided

All of this can either be verbally communicated or written out in an email. Please remember to attach a .zip package of resources files if needed. You can email if your attachments are less than 10 MB or you can send them to us via our FileExchange system. If you want to have the entire list at your fingertips, contact us and we’ll mail you one or you can download it here [File Prep Checklist].

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