The AV Department

Meet the AV department at The Geo Group. We are here to complete your post-production work; meaning that the audio or video piece you already have in the source language can be made​ available in other languages. When you need the in-depth answers, we are only a phone call away, but here is a bird’s eye view of the services we offer:

  • TRANSCRIPTION – When we do not have the source file of the audio/video, transcription needs to be done first in order to create a script to be localized.
  • VOICE-OVERS – Voice talent is hired to provide the voice in the target language. There are different types of voice-over capabilities:
    • UN Style – The original speaker’s voice is left on the body of work and is followed by the voice talent. An example of this would be a CEO’s address to the company where you do not want the audience to think that the voice talent’s voice is that of the CEO.
    • Overdubbing (timed voice-over) – The voice in the video is replaced with that of the voice talent and is timed to match the movement of the speaker’s mouth.
    • Untimed – The voice is recorded but is not timed to match anything, also known as a ‘straight read’.
  • AUDIO MIXING – When a video has a soundtrack, such as music, the original voice can be stripped out and replaced with the voice talent, while still keeping to the original musical soundtrack. (Provided that we can have access to the original source music files.)
  • SUBTITLING – Using the original source video, the audio portion is repeated in written words in the target language, which appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • GRAPHIC EDITING – When a video contains graphic elements, those elements can be replaced with the target language. (Provided we have access to source files.)

 Now that you are more familiar with the services available, here are things to think about prior to getting that “ballpark quote.”

  1. First and foremost, do you have a script?
  2. If this is video, does it include text the audience needs to read, such as in an instructional video? In a situation like this, you may not want subtitles competing with the instructions shown on the screen.
  3. How many localized speakers are needed and into how many languages will the project be localized?
  4. Will the body of work be broadcast on radio or TV? When this is the case, union talent may be required. This comes at a higher cost.
  5. In what format would you like the project delivered (i.e. mp4/mov for video and wav/mp3 for audio)?

Our background in A/V production means that you can rely on us for multimedia solutions for your global needs. Whether you will be creating entire foreign-language audio/video projects, recording voice-overs, adding subtitles, or localizing your video graphics, we apply our proprietary software and expertise to globalize your program.

 written by Jon Lindley, AV Manager



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