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An interpreter is a person who transforms a person’s verbal thought or expression in one language into a comparable meaning in the target language. This process takes place either simultaneously in "real time" or consecutively, as explained in succeeding paragraphs.

Interpreting services allow you to communicate verbally in any language during any conference, legal meeting, healthcare appointment or in corporate gatherings with international participants. You want your interactions to be smooth and successful — and our interpreters do that for you.

Our interpreting team includes only professional interpreters who are skilled public speakers, fluent in English and their native language and deliver your message in a business-friendly manner. Listen to our interpreting audio samples and explore the different interpreting service categories.

There are four interpreting services: consecutive, simultaneous, telephone, and escort.

Consecutive Interpreting Audio Clip

Simultaneous Interpreting Audio Clip

Telephone Interpreting Audio Clip

In Escort Interpreting, the interpreter participates in a social setting and provides consecutive interpreting as needed.

Industries Served
Our expertise spans a variety of industries, but here are the top ten:

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Consecutive interpretation is the most cost-effective interpreting mode of multilingual communication. Traditionally, one interpreter works in a professional environment without equipment or audio technicians. Foreign speaking participants absorb ideas and understanding because of the natural pauses that occur between paragraphs or ideas. In sensitive business meetings, healthcare doctor-patient appointments and legal negotiations, participants have a chance to reflect on what is being said and then react appropriately.

This type of translation service is best suited for smaller events such as medical evaluations, legal depositions and recorded statements. We partner with your team to secure the most suitable consecutive interpreters with subject matter experience and relevant qualifications.

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Simultaneous interpretation, often referred to as UN style, is a highly specialized area of interpreting, requiring accurate and complete verbal delivery of information to a multilingual audience. Unlike consecutive interpreting, there are only a few seconds of lag time to listen, think and deliver the foreign version.

Only 4% of professional interpreters have the skill to work simultaneously. Simultaneous interpretation is done “at the same time” as the source-language speaker presents their message. Only highly trained linguists can perform this task.

Our simultaneous interpreters use equipment with the assistance of audio technicians on-site to deliver the multilingual message to the audience. The audience members receive that message via headphones that are distributed at the event. Multi-channel headsets accommodate a variety of languages in one room.

Our simultaneous interpreting services are a perfect solution for international conferences, business meetings and educational lectures, whether they are held in a conference center, auditorium or hotel banquet room.

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DialEx telephone interpreting services are also known as tele-, over-the-phone and telephonic interpreting. The telephone process relays a three-way conversation of multilingual speakers for the duration of the call. Usually, this process is used when an on-site interpreter is either unavailable or not needed.

We will find an interpreter experienced in the subject matter to be discussed during the phone conversation, and then record the conversation. If requested, a transcript of the call can be created.

Our dedication to high, professional standards ensures that you will be connected with credentialed interpreters with a minimum of two years of proven experience. All qualified interpreters have been tested in medical and legal terminologies and are immersed in their native culture as well as U.S. culture, giving you the most accurate and efficient telephone interpreting services.

With DialEx telephone interpreting services friendly, English-speaking operators and qualified interpreters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve your needs immediately or for scheduled calls.

150 languages – 1 phone number – 1 flat rate!

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Escort interpreting is interpreting on the go — walking through manufacturing plants, assisting in trade shows, traveling with business groups and attending social business functions. When you’re on the go, our interpreter is on the go with you.

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