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two inhouse studios for video translation services

two in-house studios for video translation services

We have two in-house studios to handle all of your video translation needs. These studios are fully equipped with everything you would expect from a professional A/V studio:

  • sound-proof voice booths
  • windows for visual communication between voice talent and technical staff
  • state-of-the-art voice recording equipment
  • professional audio/video mastering equipment
  • professional audio/video editing software

Our staff has professional training in A/V methods and techniques. We can talk to your technicians and determine your needs in full technical detail. And with decades of experience in audio/video translation, we have the expertise to advise you on pitfalls and best practices in video translation projects.

Depending on the complexity of your video translation project, we may pull in a number of people with different roles:

  • transcriptionist: transcribes the text from the original video; lays out the text in a script format that can be used for both audio recording and translation; may also determine the timing of the text of the text
  • translator: provides the script translation into a foreign language
  • editor: checks the translation for content and stylistic accuracy
  • proofer: double-checks the translation for typos and other minor errors
  • desktop publisher: creates translated versions of in-video graphics, if graphics localization is needed
  • localization specialist: assists with text extraction and/or file conversions where needed, especially when it comes to subtitle translation
  • voice talent: provides the actual voice recording for audio translations or voice-overs
  • voice checker: monitors the live audio recording session and watches for slip-ups and mispronunciations
  • voice director: provides guidance on enunciation and style during audio recordings
  • audio/video engineer: handles all technical aspects of the audio translation as well as postproduction; maps the audio track to the video and integrates graphics and subtitles
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