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voice recording for audio translation

Voice recording for audio translation

Audio translation projects are very similar to video translation projects, except that purely visual elements fall away. Also, it is generally not necessary to time individual utterances as accurately as in video projects. Long-form narrations may have specifications regarding their overall duration, but the speaker is typically free to contract or expand individual utterances as seems most natural. That said, a timed transcript is still needed in some circumstances. For example, voice prompts for phone menus or software navigation may be subject to timing constraints.

This means that the following roles may be involved in an audio localization project:

  • transcriptionist: transcribes the text from the original voice track; lays out the text in a script format for both audio recording and translation; may also determine the timing of the text
  • translator: translates the script into a foreign language
  • editor: checks the translation for content and stylistic accuracy
  • proofer: double-checks the translation for typos and other minor errors
  • voice talent: provides the actual voice recording
  • voice checker: monitors the live audio recording session and watches for slip-ups and mispronunciations
  • voice director: provides guidance on enunciation and style during audio recordings
  • audio engineer: handles all technical aspects of the audio localization as well as postproduction; ensures that the audio tracks match the client’s requirements
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