The Geo Group Corporation offers a broad range of language services. All revolving around language translation. Most of our projects focus on document translation in the broadest sense. Yet, we also provide services that do not involve a tangible document. These include interpreting, voice-over, and also software or website location.

Overview of our language services:

Document translation

From MS Office to desktop publishing suites. From single-page emails to 500-page catalogs. We have the experience and resources to handle it. We select the best translators for your specific content. And we ensure that the translated document looks as nice as the original.

Multilingual desktop publishing

A crucial add-on service to [document translation]. Our in-house desktop publishing team has decades of combined experience. They’ll provide feedback to your tech writers. During prep, they may notice possible layout improvements for an easier translation process. They will not only put these in place but also tell you what they did. So you can be ready for the next project.

Interpreting Services 

We like to talk to you, and you like to talk to your customers. Our network of interpreters can help you achieve effective face-to-face or phone communication. We provide individual support in private meetings. And we can set you up for simultaneous interpreting via headset in large conferences. Our event managers get great reviews for professionalism and creativity in overcoming challenges.

Audio / Video Translation

From corporate addresses to video advertisements. From high-res videos to web-compatible formats. Our audio and video engineers have two in-house studios and state-of-the-art equipment. For foreign-language subtitles, voice-overs, or more complex projects – they have you covered.

Website & Software Localization

The requirements for localization projects are as different as the developer teams. But we have programming skills in house. So we understand what you are doing and we can help achieve a smooth localization workflow.

Technical Writing

Writing with translation in mind can be beneficial, but you may not have the resources to do it yourself. Our technical writers can work with our and your desktop publishers. They’ll create or recreate copy that is ready for the international market.

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Over 120 languages.

Over 120 languages.

Our network of more than 500 document translators can transform your message into over 120 languages. You can confidently rely on our rigorously vetted network of professionals to ensure the best in document translation.
Over 120 languages.

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