5th Global Communications Conference a Smashing Success

October 12, 2015 Geo Group
North and South America and Europe were all represented, as well as there being nearly as many languages spoken as there were attendees of Geo Group’s 5th annual Global Communications Conference. Doug Lawrence, keynote speaker, [...]

Global Communications Conference

September 30, 2015 Geo Group
October 6th Welcome Reception 6pm to 8pm Harvest Room, Sheraton Hotel Madison October 7th 5th Annual Global Communications Conference Inspiration Room, Sheraton Hotel Madison AGENDA 8:00am – Continental Breakfast 8:30am – Keynote Speaker, Doug Lawrence [...]

2015 Global Communications Conference: Doug Lawrence

September 1, 2015 Geo Group
Don’t Be Average Be International! Utilizing the Internet is the easiest and most cost effective media that can be used to increase international revenues, but a lot of corporations do not know where to start [...]

2015 Global Communications Conference: Localization Trends

July 28, 2015 Geo Group
5th Annual Don’t miss the complimentary Geo Group Global Communications Conference on October 7th. Industry speakers will explore trends in localizing websites, mobile apps, print and video. Learn how a localized website is the easiest [...]

Geo Translation Manager Takes to the Road

July 20, 2015 Geo Group
July 20, 2015 With technology changing at lightning speed, project managers need to keep up or be left on the proverbial roadside. It can be confusing to choose from the array of available tools, as [...]

Localization is an inventive principle

March 20, 2015 Geo Group
When Gendrich Altshuller analyzed thousands of patents, he noticed that many inventions involved disrupting the uniformity of some quality of an object such that parts of the object can fulfill different and useful functions. Thus, [...]

Portuguese Spelling Intiative Part 2

January 15, 2015 Geo Group
Summary of Major Changes

Portuguese Spelling Initiative Part 1

January 15, 2015 Geo Group
On January 1, 2009, all eight Portuguese-speaking countries signed the 1990 Orthographic Agreement, which implements new standardized spelling rules to unify Brazilian and Iberian Portuguese. The goal of the reform is to improve technology-based research, [...]

Executive Q&A: Georgia Roeming’s Geo Group translates for some of Wisconsin’s biggest companies

January 9, 2015 Geo Group
Probably the most high-stakes, with a hint of cloak-and-dagger, interpreting assignment that Georgia Roeming’s Madison-based translation services company ever received took place a year ago in March, when Roeming took a call one Friday from [...]

The Geo Global Communications Conference was a HUGE success!

November 24, 2014 Geo Group
The Geo Global Communications Conference was a HUGE success! Thank you to all who participated. We have gathered your input and are looking forward to next year’s conference. Here are some of the survey responses: [...]

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