The AV Department

Meet the AV department at The Geo Group. We are here to complete your post-production work; meaning that the audio or video piece you already have in the source language can be made​ available in other languages. When you need the [...]

Writing for Translations

July 9, 2018 translation process
Just like a house needs a solid foundation so do dynamic documents. Changes cost money and even more so when doing it in multiple languages. When the initially translated document – the foundation – is solid, less cost will [...]

Not Just Words – It’s a Cultural Revolution

June 11, 2018 Miscellaneous
Your intern, co-worker or employee speaks and writes another language fluently. Can that person translate your materials? They probably can. The real question is can they LOCALIZE your materials? Translation turns words from one language [...]

Why Should I Translate?

May 21, 2018 translation process
“If English is considered the ‘language of business’ around the globe, then why should I translate my documents?” This is a question that I have been asked frequently over the years. Here are a few [...]

Customer Surveys: You speak – we listen

We just completed our quarterly management review, which is an important part of our ISO-certified quality management system. As in all such meetings, we looked at responses to our customer surveys. Customer Surveys In the [...]

Effective voice-overs: Say what you mean

I work as a Producer and Recording Engineer at The Geo Group. In this role, I often run into problems with client-supplied script translation. Some clients have their own employees translate their video scripts to [...]

Is U.S. Spanish real?

December 6, 2017 Miscellaneous
You may have heard that “a language is a dialect with an army and navy,” a quip attributed to Max Weinreich. U.S. Spanish – the specific variety of Spanish spoken in the United States – [...]

Learning from the Oneida

November 21, 2017 Miscellaneous
The other day, I listened to Wisconsin Public Radio and heard a gentleman from the Oneida nation talking about his people’s history. The Oneida are a prominent Native American tribe in Wisconsin. I was hardly [...]

2017 Global Communications Conference

September 15, 2017 Miscellaneous
  The Geo Group is holding a complimentary one-day conference for global communicators. Wisconsin business professionals share their advice in a speaker and roundtable environment. Bring your biggest challenges to share. SESSIONS: October 11, 2017 [...]

Certified to ISO 9001:2015

July 24, 2017 translation quality
With pleasure, we announce that our ISO Certification has been reaffirmed under ISO 9001:2015. It took a lot of rework and rewrites, but the result is a leaner and more purposeful quality management system.

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