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Improving Patient Care through Translation

Imagine going to the doctor and not being able to explain what hurts or why you are there. Healthcare is as much art as it is science, but communication between patients and healthcare personnel shouldn’t be a guessing game. Our translators and interpreters are passionate about helping people get the message right — and this improves patient care.

There is a broad avenue when it comes to communicating with patients. Our interpreters can work directly with doctors and patients. We translate patient brochures, healthcare benefit books, and caregiver instructions, to name a few. Our AV department subtitles patient information videos and provides multilingual voice-overs, as well.

We serve the largest hospitals and clinics in the Midwest and non-profit health organizations that serve a global patient base. From rare diseases to farm accidents, it’s critical to get the translation right.

We provide specialized interpreters for world medical conferences and individual workman’s compensation cases.

Knowing the correct terminology in this specialized field is critical and we take that responsibility seriously. Let us help you improve your patients’ care.

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