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Effective education must be clear. It must be accurate. It must be targeted appropriately to the age and education level of the audience. And when it's translated, it must be all of these, while still retaining the powerful meaning and method of the original text.

Education translation at The Geo Group Corporation comes from experienced, professional education translators with expertise in school, corporate, or patient education. They possess excellent writing skills and can adapt to your audience’s educational needs. We specialize in education translation for:

School Education.

We’re your one-stop shop for all your educational materials, providing translation, editing, quality control, audio recording, flash programming, duplication, and more. We also specialize in translations for the No Child Left Behind Program in multiple states, including English as a Second Language assessments, graduation tests, achievement tests, information booklets, and more.

Corporate Education.

For training seminars, safety lessons, human resources communication, and more, The Geo Group is equipped for your multinational corporate education. With in-house desktop publishing, software localization, two recording studios, and duplication capabilities, we provide corporate education translation in any form of media, for any audience.

Patient Education.

Prominent healthcare institutions in the country rely on The Geo Group to inform patients about hospital procedures, to educate them on common conditions, or for any number of other patient education tasks. We incorporate an extensive quality check process for patient education, testing the results through multiple reviews, back-translating to English, and testing with actual patients in the destination country.