In-country Review

At the Geo Group, we constantly strive to raise the standards of quality. In the spirit of community and to promote understanding, we are now reaching out to explain the “how”s and “why”s of our processes, starting with our in-country review.

We see our jobs as giving you, our clients, the highest service in order to help you achieve your multilingual goals. But, we alone cannot shape the translation; we need your help in making sure that everything accurately reflects your business and message. This is why we offer you the opportunity for reviewing our translations. We want you to feel secure that you are being represented within the work we do together.

The collaboration between our translators and your reviewers helps generate a stronger, more personal product and helps prevent many misunderstandings. For instance, translation companies that have no such reviewing process are more likely to have errors within their projects. If one error alone costs $50 to rectify, but it is repeated multiple times and in multiple translations, it can become quite costly. This is why we ask for your input. Should you find a better way to describe yourselves, or a more accurate phrasing of your message, we want you to be able to contribute and help solidify the translation.

In this way, the Geo Group seeks to create a symbiotic relationship between ourselves and you. To reach the highest levels of satisfaction is always our goal, not just our job. And we believe that one of the best ways is to allow creativity to flow from us, from our translators, and most especially from you.

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