Customer Surveys: You speak – we listen

We just completed our quarterly management review, which is an important part of our ISO-certified quality management system. As in all such meetings, we looked at responses to our customer surveys.

Customer Surveys

In the first three months of 2018, we completed 589 projects and sent out 333 follow-up surveys. (We try not to overwhelm regular customers with too many surveys – we will continue to improve that.)

We like your suggestions

One customer mentioned that we should send out bounce messages when we receive an email addressed to a staff member who is no longer with us. Currently, we forward such emails to relevant staff members in order to provide seamless service. However, this practice may at times be too intransparent. We are looking into ways to send out notifications explaining (a) that we are forwarding the email to someone else and (b) why we are doing that. Good point!

We listen to your criticism

Another customer was not happy with a translation. Their reviewer did not like the style of writing used by our translator. We acknowledged that this caused some difficulty in the project. Then we worked with the reviewer to test and choose an alternative translator whose writing better matches that of the reviewer. We have had several very successful projects with the client since we took these steps. And we are looking forward to many more successful translation projects in the coming years.

Of course, many humans are involved in a translation project, and humans make mistakes. We had errors in more projects than just the one mentioned above. However, our quality process is designed to catch errors. And our satisfaction guarantee means that we will fix errors as quickly and smoothly as possible when they occur. Our customers know that and tend to forgive us when things happen. That is why our surveys typically show a perfect or near-perfect satisfaction ratio.

We love to make you happy

Here is some positive feedback from the recent set of surveys:

Thanks for all of your help with this project! — D.C. assessment and research company

Thanks for all your help, it was efficient and effective. We will definitely be using your services again. — Wisconsin sports club

The Geo Group did a great job on our project. – Wisconsin dairy industry manufacturer

Trudy and John were very fast on every questions and request – and incredibly nice! I enjoy working with them. — National retailer

Great to work with as always. — Michigan furniture manufacturer

Great communication throughout the process. Highly professional – rare these days! — Wisconsin media company

Great team to work with.  — Minnesota natural products manufacturer

As usual, top notch professionalism! — Minnesota assessment company

After I went through the website to request a quote, my experience was great. Mary was quick, thorough and pleasant.  — Madison, Wisconsin, grocery co-op

We thank our clients for these comments – that is what we work for.

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