5th Global Communications Conference a Smashing Success

North and South America and Europe were all represented, as well as there being nearly as many languages spoken as there were attendees of Geo Group’s 5th annual Global Communications Conference.

Doug Lawrence, keynote speaker, mesmerized the audience with anecdotes, wit and wisdom on search engine optimization. Attendees learned about such things as snippets, analytics, backlinks and the difference between targeting a website to a country versus a language.

Revisions, revisions, revisions. They are present in our life and our work. Mark Kostecky provided cost effective measures to keep those revisions from unnecessarily eating up the translation budget.

Did you know that “hamster” and “zombie” are among the 6,000 plus languages spoken worldwide? Okay, not really, but AV manager, Frank Sommers’ presentation was as entertaining as it was educational. Conference goers learned both the technical and cost differences between dubbing versus voice over and captioning versus sub-titles along with how to “show rather than tell” your story through video.

Following the presentations, round table discussions were set up for those who wanted answers to specific questions about websites, desktop publishing, audio/video or technical writing.

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