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To establish real credibility and demonstrate value, learning and development professionals need to measure whether or not participants actually applied what they learned once back on the job (Level 3 evaluation), and show evidence of Level 4 business results.

Yet according to an ASTD research study, only 55% of organizations evaluate some learning programs at Level 3 and an even smaller 37% of organizations evaluate some programs at Level 4. This raises the question: "If conducting Level 3 and Level 4 evaluations is critical to establishing credibility and demonstrating value, how come so few organizations are doing it?" The unfortunate answer is that most L&D professionals are not savvy in the art and science of creating Level 3 and Level 4 evaluations nor do they have much experience doing it.

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File Tailoring for Localization Projects

If you're a project manager, chances are you’re familiar with greatly varying quotes and proposals that seem to be out of control. The Geo Group’s goal is to help you (the client) understand the localization process better, giving you the skills to prepare your files for localization, allowing you to ‘take back control’ over those ‘out of control’ quotes. Tailoring your files can maximize efficiency when it comes time to translate a product and prepare it for specific regional distribution, saving everyone involved time and money. Read More »

What Is Client Review?


Client review: what is it?
Client review is offered to the client as a step in the translation process to help catch consistency, terminology, and translation issues prior to delivery of the project.   Read More »

The Ten Commandments for Quality Translations

“I need this document translated into 3 languages, and we’re on a tight timeline.”
Often, translation occurs at the end of other project timelines, and time is of the essence. How frustrating it can be to count on a flawless, on-time translation, only to find that various rounds are necessary to correct inconsistencies or modify formatting.

“Why can’t it just be done right the first time?”
If you are reading this article, you have either asked that question yourself or are trying to avoid getting to that point. Here are a few tips about the translation process that you should know before you start your next project.

1. Thou Shalt Choose a Professional Translation Provider
2. Thou Shalt Define Thine Own Quality
3. Thou Shalt Write for Quality Translations
4. Thou Shalt Plan Ahead for Thine Own Translation for Thou Shalt Save Money
5. Thou Shalt Know What to Expect in the Translation Process
6. Thou Shalt Insist on Editing and/or Client Review
7. Thou Shalt Know and Demand the Proper Final File Format
8. Thou Shalt Insist on a Final Proofing
9. Thou Shalt Review the Process and Update All of Thy Materials Involved
10. Thou Shalt Work Only with ISO-certified Agencies
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Client Education in the Translation Industry

The Geo Group is an education-based company. We believe that education, efficient communication, and long-term commitment are the secrets to quality output. We believe that, in order to deliver the quality products our clients are looking for, we need to know what they need and they need to know what we do. Read More »