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The Geo Group is Growing. . . In More Ways than One.

Our staff is ever-changing and growing. This year we have hired several new staff members.

In project management, Angie Eldred was hired earlier this year and has been promoted to Assistant Translation Department Manager. She works as a project manager for our Chicago office. In her spare time she has also been working as the vendor manager. Amber Condon has been hired as the AV Project Manager and is the Project Manager for Jacque Nelesen. We have also added an LTE employee, Katie Wnuk Steuck, to work as a project manager with Carla Kutsche and some house accounts.

Our DTP department has added Caitlin Allen as their hard copy proofer and formatter.

The Geo Group Corporation prides itself on its family-oriented work ethic. We encourage our staff to put their loved ones first, and a couple of our staff have taken that to heart.

In March, Krista Eitsert, Assistant Manager/Lead DTP, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. In October we welcomed our second baby this year. Anne Marie Jarmuz, Project Manager, had a baby girl. (In fact, Anne Marie's baby was in such a hurry to join our family that she arrived 8 weeks early.)

Please join us as we wish our newest family members a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year.

From all of us at The Geo Group, Happy Holidays.

Website & Software Localization Services

Software Localization

Software user interfaces and websites pose various technical challenges for translation. Moreover, these systems are moving targets in the sense that the broad range of underlying technologies are developing at a very fast pace.

This means that it is impossible to provide a fixed set of steps for "software localization" or "web localization." Each situation requires careful analysis and a customized process to successfully translate the material.

The Geo Group's experienced localization manager will work with your engineers to help you through this process. We establish custom workflows to ensure each translation is easily integrated into the source environment, and write customized scripts to prepare files for translation and generate target files after translation. In some cases, it may be necessary that you make changes on your end, but we provide expert guidance on planning for internationalization.

Our IT staff draws on their hands-on, multilingual experience in:

  • Windows/Macintosh/Linux
  • HTML/XML/JavaScript
  • VB/.NET
  • RoboHelp/MadCap Flare
  • Flash
  • Photoshop/Fireworks