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The Geo Group is a Gold Sponsor of the Northeast Wisconsin ATD Chapter September Educational Workshop

Associated Center - 433 Main Street - Green Bay, WI

To establish real credibility and demonstrate value, learning and development professionals need to measure whether or not participants actually applied what they learned once back on the job (Level 3 evaluation), and show evidence of Level 4 business results.

Yet according to an ASTD research study, only 55% of organizations evaluate some learning programs at Level 3 and an even smaller 37% of organizations evaluate some programs at Level 4. This raises the question: "If conducting Level 3 and Level 4 evaluations is critical to establishing credibility and demonstrating value, how come so few organizations are doing it?" The unfortunate answer is that most L&D professionals are not savvy in the art and science of creating Level 3 and Level 4 evaluations nor do they have much experience doing it.

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Writing for Translation Webinar

  In this new webinar, we will discuss best practices when writing for translation projects. You will learn some tips and tricks for saving time and money when working in your Source language documents before they are sent for translation. This is a good webinar for any copywriter, technical writer, and content manager.
Estimated Recorded Length: 18 minutes File Format: PowerPoint   Read More »

Website Translation Webinar

We have gone to a bit different format with our webinars. They are still easy to download .ppt files, however, they are now recorded. Time is valuable and we thought it would be more beneficial to allow you to download the webinars and view them when you have time to. This new webinar will discuss the basic theory behind website translation and why you should consider translating your website. Topics include, why you should translate your website, the global online market, global market trends, geographical density of searches, common target languages, and whether website translation is profitable or not. Estimated Length: 15 minutes Read More »

Where Are My 100 Percent Matches?

One of the questions that our clients usually ask us is: "Where are my 100% Matches?" Having a large Translation Memory is not a guarantee for higher matches. Consistency in both terminology and format of the source is key to saving time and money during translation. This presentation will show you the tricks to getting the most 100% matches out of your Translation Memory.

Presenter: Diane Haines. Diane has been working at The Geo Group since 1999, first as G.E. Healthcare Service Specialist and then as the Translation Department Manager. Her extensive knowledge of the translation industry and translation memory software programs will make this presentation a cost and time saving experience for all of you. Read More »