Speaking the Language of Business

Translation and Interpreting Services

The Geo Group Corporation provides professional translation and interpreting services that allow you to communicate effectively with your customers, employees, partners, and even your competitors from every point on the globe. Because we define "translation" in its broadest sense, we strive to deliver encompassing, foreign language output in all forms and media.

The result is an expansive array of professional translation services that cover all of your communication methods and goals. Our network of highly skilled professionals translates your text through:

  • Document Translation: We utilize native speakers with experience and knowledge specific to your industry - document translators who understand and confidently overcome the linguistic and cultural obstacles standing in the way of communicating your message.
  • Audio and Video Translation: From start to finish on your audio or video project, we have the tools, the talent, and the experience to produce, narrate, subtitle, and duplicate the end result. The Geo Group is one of the few translation agencies in America that can provide this full range of A/V services.
  • Interpreting Services: For conferences, corporate gatherings, and telephone communication, we offer experienced consecutive, simultaneous, escort, and telephone interpreters for any language and setting.
  • Desktop Publishing: We provide a fully equipped Desktop Publishing department to create print-ready materials with the same message and design as the original document.
  • Website & Software Localization: With custom solutions including unique workflows, scripts, and overall consulting, we help you prepare for your website translation and software localization.
  • Technical Writing: To create better, more easily translatable documents, we offer technical writing services and education for your staff.

To learn more about The Geo Group, to discover our full scope of professional translation services, and to receive a free project estimate, contact us today.

Industries Served

We have expertise in a variety of industries, including: