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In the intricate and often complex field of medicine, industry expertise is critical to a meaningful translation.

When The Geo Group Corporation first began partnering with GE Healthcare for medical translation services, the company representative made it clear: a native speaker who is currently a physician or a medical technician is much preferred over a professional translator with only some medical education.

For your medical translation projects, we provide translators with experience in the field. Your medical translations are stronger, informed by real life experience and knowledge, accurate terminology, and a focus on the critical issue of safety.

Our professional translation services include medical translation, interpreting services, and video translation for:

Medical device companies. Translations are created for regulatory documents, user manuals, technical manuals, installation manuals, safety and training videos, software localization, and more.
Pharmaceutical companies. We specialize in safety inserts, instructions for use (IFU), clinical trial documents and protocols, websites, and more.
Biotech companies. Medical translations for biotech companies include marketing materials, labeling, packaging, websites, manuals, and more.

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