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October 29, 2014

8:00am - 4:00pm

The 4th Annual Global Communications Conference
Focusing on the bottom line@The Sheraton Madison 706 John Nolen Drive. Madison, WI 53713 Welcome reception the evening of October 28th
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The Global Communications conference is a annual conference that The Geo Group Corporation holds, as an educational assembly for their clients. The list of guest speakers this year includes Christina Green, Dawn Lawien, Jack Backstrom, Joe Kirshling, and Kevin Stholmeyer. By attending this free conference guests find a chance to learn about the translation industry, and hear testimonials from industry leaders and current clients.

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Industries Served

Video Translation

Translation in any industry is complicated, requiring language skills and attention to detail. Translating video introduces an additional layer of complexity.

Video translators are faced with time and space issues. The same information created in an English video or audio file must be represented when translated, and in the same time allotted. Often, translated text is longer on the page and in spoken word. The translator must be flexible and knowledgeable in the video's content and terminology in order to adapt the content to the allotted time of the video or audio piece. It's a special skill shown by the video translators at The Geo Group Corporation, enabling you to keep your videos consistent and meaningful, allowing you to make a global impact.

Video translations at The Geo Group Corporation help you communicate effectively with all your audiences. We specialize in video translations for:

  • Training videos
  • Marketing videos
  • Safety videos
  • Corporate presidential addresses
  • On-line Flash programs
  • PowerPoint videos
  • Broadcast commercials and documentaries
  • Integrated Voice Recordings (IVR)
  • On-board airline announcements
  • Instructional CDs

To learn more about The Geo Group Corporation, to discover our full scope of video translation services, and to receive a free project estimate, contact us today.

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