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To establish real credibility and demonstrate value, learning and development professionals need to measure whether or not participants actually applied what they learned once back on the job (Level 3 evaluation), and show evidence of Level 4 business results.

Yet according to an ASTD research study, only 55% of organizations evaluate some learning programs at Level 3 and an even smaller 37% of organizations evaluate some programs at Level 4. This raises the question: "If conducting Level 3 and Level 4 evaluations is critical to establishing credibility and demonstrating value, how come so few organizations are doing it?" The unfortunate answer is that most L&D professionals are not savvy in the art and science of creating Level 3 and Level 4 evaluations nor do they have much experience doing it.

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Marketing Translation

Marketing and advertising are different from other forms of communication. They rely on wordplay, in-jokes, and a sophisticated knowledge of your home language to understand the message and the call to action.

Providing quality marketing translation services is much more than simply exchanging one word for another. Every language and every country has different ways of playing with words, different jokes, and different ways of communicating with consumers. At The Geo Group Corporation, we use in-country marketing and advertising translators who know the environment you're targeting intimately, not just the language. They are immersed in that country's culture and know the specific audience you're speaking to. Our marketing translators provide you with the best chance to make an impact anywhere in the globe.

With this deep knowledge, you can move beyond translation and culturally adapt the text to be meaningful, powerful, and understood exactly as you want.

To learn more about The Geo Group Corporation, to discover our full scope of marketing translation and interpreting services, and to receive a free project estimate, contact us today.