1. Articles provided by a guest blogger will be reviewed for content and links and then published.
    1. Items that we may request that you edit:
      1. Links to Websites – Please provide the entire link (e.g. http://www.websitename.com/pagename/article)
      2. Inappropriate language
      3. Links to or samples of pornographic material
      4. Request that Headers be used to break up flow of longer articles
      5. Length of the article
  2. Blog articles will be open source articles and are free to be used by anyone at any time. They will not be copyright protected by either the blogger or The Geo Group.
  3. All articles are published in English. A foreign language translation may be provided but will need a more thorough review so it may be published later than the English version.
  4. Please be sure to identify any trademarked or registered names correctly with the first use of the word or phrase.
  5. When quoting another article or author, please identify the source author and document and then provide the quote. For instance, when quoting something from Shakespeare you could use “As William Shakespeare wrote in Twelfth Night “Be not afraid of greatness. . .”
  6. Spell check and proof read your blog article. When we review your article we will not suggest you fix typos or grammatical errors. We want the article to reflect your style of writing.
  7. The Geo Group will monitor Comments using our written guidelines for external comments. These guidelines are posted on our Blog page. It will be your responsibility to monitor and answer the comments to your post.
  8. Structure for blog articles:
    1. Please write your title using keywords and clearly state the content of the article.
    2. Links must be spelled out.
    3. Use headings to break up the article – this allows the reader to go over these headings to find the information they want quickly.
    4. Only use block quotes when actually quoting something. Avoid using them as highlighting important material in your article. Use bold and/or underline to make important points stand out.
    5. Please provide images in *.jpg format.
    6. If including videos, please provide them in Flash format.
  9. When the blog article is posted, there will be a truncated version on our website with a link to MORE INFO. Please be sure to include in your first 3 sentences as much of the pertinent information about your article as you can. Or provide a synopsis that can be used on our website.

To submit your article for review to be posted on our blog page, please email your contact information and the article in either word format or as a PDF to marketing@thegeogroup.com. Please note that articles including images or other graphic files may be rejected as we do not have the ability to upload images on our system as of yet. Thank you for your interest in advance!